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"...PushUp Board and ResistanceBands Set really helped me and still do its job. When I started I really didn't know anything about the workout I bought PushUp Board and Resi bands started using their e-book that I got free with purchase, and, after 3 months of using the PushUp Board and ResiBands set I saw a drastic change on my body! I was so shocked, I didn't believe what I achieve within 3 months. This is just a start. I recommend this every beginner or professional in the fitness world! Thanks a lot, RBS Fitness!..." 

Jack M. Sadler

"...Resistance bands set is my best workout friend. Since I used them I got awesome results, faster than ever. Workout has never been more interesting, I'm very happy because I found you and discover their new workout dimension..." 

Carolyn Cunningham 

My boyfriend likes it so much. He stop going to gym and started workout at home. I joined him and I must say that Resistance Bands improve our skills a lot! Muscles better respond on resistance bands than weights !

Christine Mills

Awesome workout board!! Well put together. Sturdy on hardwood floors or carpet. Nothing to put together other than sticking on the non-M de pads that It comes with. The workout plan it comes with is great to add to your workout routine or if you're just starting out. The board is in English and the Color-coded guide really works the areas it says. I couldn't wait to try it out and and it WORKS!!! I'm a woman and looking to tone my arms and back and my husband uses It for his already muscular arms and back. He LOVES IT tool, Ladies and gents, don't hesitate to buy it, it is the BEST!! My own opinion, RBS FITNESS !!!

Barbara Alvarez

Tried these after being a bit skeptics on their effectiveness but have to say that they are really pod. Great for working out if you can't go M the gym now. I have only been using it a couple of weeks to compliment calisthenics and It appears to really help. The bands seem strong and the attachments seem solid. If you want to increase the resistance you can Just attach other bands. Highly recommended rbs fitness!

Carl Black

I bought this product from RBS Fitness because I love working out my upper body but the gym is sometimes to crowded. I love that it doesn't take up too much space. I use it when I'm watching TV as opposed to a full workout routine. Results have come pretty quickly and I feel really good. I would definitely recommend for any fitness levels. Do as much or as Idle a lime and you will see results.

Richard Williams

I bought rbs fitness board to my boyfriend and now he is In l0000ve with board. He working out every single day. I'm so happy for hlm. I would recommend it to everyone! Thanks RBS fitness

Ann J. Smith

My boyfriend stopped to workout after closing gyms and I decide to make him happy and again active by buying PushUps Board and Resistance Bands set to him. And WOW, he was soo happy and now he practices every day, every single day!! Pm so happy for making him happy and again active. I recommend RBS Fitness products, anyone!! Thanks a lot

Teresa Tedford
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